“The Sky Is No Limit.” Wimmer Space Motivational Presentation

 Whether you are a school, an organisation or a corporate, book an exciting, inspiring and motivating presentation by Per Wimmer as he takes you with on an amazing journey through his Earthly adventures from living with the Indians in the Amazon, to conducting the world’s first tandem sky dive over Mount Everest, to skiing at 5500 meters altitude and with further anecdotes from the 84 countries visited before joining his space training through videos, including flying Russian fighter jets, being in weightless training (Zero-G) and spinning in the world’s most powerful centrifuge ahead of launching into space as an astronaut.

 Whilst Per’s adventures and trip to space are thrillingly exciting, the motivational presentation is centred around the Seven Wimmer Fundamental Values:

  1. Think out of the box: Allow Yourself To Be inspired.
  2. Follow your heart and passion: Have purpose. Have fun. Be Authentic.
  3. Focus and execution
  4. Time discipline: Be Conscious About Time Allocation.
  5. Teamwork: The Sum Of The Parts Is Greater Than The Individual Parts Alone.
  6. Take calculated risks: Assess The Risks-Rewards Ratio. Apply Sustainable Solutions Respecting The Environment & Scarce Resources
  7. Inspire others: Especially Children, And Encourage Them To Live Out Their Dreams

Judging by feedback from audiences, the general applicability of the Seven Wimmer Fundamental Values, the story of going to space and Per’s clear passion which magnetically draws in the audience and induces lots of interaction and questions are often highly complimented.

Per Wimmer is an astronaut, an adventurer and explorer, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, global financier and author. Per Wimmer’s story is a story about being an explorer, a pioneer, a record maker, pushing the boundaries, discovering and making dreams reality. Not just for Per himself through his exciting adventures and trip to space but also to inspire children to live out their dreams, whatever their dreams may be. Turning into reality what appears to be a far-fetched dream into reality. He is a person who has packed three lives into one – “a true Indiana Jones meets 007 James Bond” as one commentator stated.

Per’s background equally illustrates his passion and that The Sky Is No Limit. Having successfully completed the French Baccalaureat high school degree (in one year!) specialised in philosophy and human sciences as well as a math-physics high school degree from Denmark, he then completed four master degrees (M.A. Harvard University in Business, Finance & International Relations; an M.A. in European Political Science, Bruges, Belgium, an LL.M. University of London, UK and a B.A. and M.A. in Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark). Professionally, today, he owns and runs three financial services companies: Wimmer Financial (boutique investment bank), Wimmer Family Office (wealth management company) and Wimmer Horizon (quantitative hedge fund) in addition to WimmerSpace. Prior to his own companies, Per worked for the global investment bank Goldman Sachs, the global management consultancy McKinsey & Co, investment bank Collins Stewart/Canaccord and $ 65 Bn hedge fund MAN Group. Per is the author of three books (“Wall Street,” “The Green Bubble” and one in French about the European Union) and also a contributor to great many other books about space. He is currently writing his autobiography “The Sky Is No Limit.” As a philanthropist, he has supported a great number of charities over the years.

To book a WimmerSpace motivational presentation, please contact us at info@WimmerSpace.com or tel. (+44) 207 432 7599 or Per Wimmer directly on (+44) 77 88 75 76 77

Client References & Presentation Feedback

” I would really like to thank you for your inspiring presentation to 400 Sony colleagues at the Professional Solutions Europe Annual sales kick off event in Barcelona, your speech was excellent, it tied in really well with our 2010 business goals, the presentation information was given in such a way that really generated a different way of thinking amongst the team and gave a real insight into how all business values tie in, whatever your goals  – it certainly encouraged a fresh way to look at our business for now and the continued journey ahead… we wish you every success for the future and will definitely be keeping track of your success “

“ Inspiring, amazing, simply wooooow……!!!.Thank you ”

” It was a really interesting discussion and we could have continued discussing all night long with the group. There are so many questions one could imagine when one starts thinking about spaceships. Cool stuff – good luck.”

“You are a good speaker;” “Inspiring and fun;” “An enlightening discussion.”
(…the presentation has given me…) …”new methods to inspire employees.”
“Very inspirational “

” Very exciting;” “Seven fundamental values/key messages were excellent;”
“Lots a new information and very good interaction with the audiance.”
“Especially weightlessness was fantastic.”

Many more client references available upon request.