Adventurer Reacts to Deadly Explosion

ERIE NEWS NOW Thursday, June 22nd 2023, By Philip Ward

Per Wimmer is an adventurer, astronaut, financier, philanthropist and author. He knew both Stockton Rush and Hamish Harding, who were both on the Titan submersible that suffered a “catastrophic implosion.”

Wimmer said he met Rush after he signed up, “on this very mission to go down to the Titanic with this submersible.”

“It could have been me sitting down there, stuck, that is the risk,” Wimmer said.

Wimmer also knew Hamish Harding and believes he will be remembered for his accomplishments in life. “He had three Guiness World Records to his name, he was a great aviator and a great businessperson, larger than life and a really nice guy,” Wimmer said.

Even though adventuring can go wrong, Wimmer encourages people to continue to do so as it will only better the human condition.

“There is only 600 people that have ever been into space and there is less than 200 people that have been down to the Titanic so we have not really as humankind explored those things and here come those adventurers and explorers looking to push those boundaries, we find that very exciting as we are living out our dreams and it is also our hope that in the process that we will inspire others to live out their dreams whatever their dreams might be,” Wimmer said.