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Understanding The Financial Universe - with Per Wimmer  

Understanding The Financial Universe - with Per Wimmer  

  In this episode we chat to Per Wimmer, CEO of Wimmer Financial, a merchant bank specialising in project and acquisition finance within natural resources as well as sectors focussing on project debt and equity financing at the BFS/DFS stage or equivalent. 

Per worked for Goldman Sachs as an executive director earlier in his career before setting up Wimmer Financial in 2007 and is going to discuss the companies journey and their future. He also speaks about possibly becoming the first private Dane in space as a Founding Astronaut on Virgin Galactic and of the 3 books he has written, the “Wall Street” and “The Green Bubble”. 

Per will be speaking at the upcoming Mines and Money Connect Conference in London on 25th-26th April at the County Hall Venue in the heart of Westminster, London. The 2-day programme is a hub for investors and mining companies to have personal one on one meetings and listen to the market analysis, project spotlights, and pitch battles during the action-packed event. 

So go to this link and book your tickets: https://minesandmoney.com/connect/index 


  • By working for the most renowned of financial institutions, Per has gained a significant footing in the world of finance, and is now one of the most respected figures in his field. 
  • Today, Wimmer Financial is comprised of a suite of companies all headed by a family office, that oversees accounting, merchant banking and equity concerns. 
  • In the last five years there has been a surge in capital values. The cost of capital is very cheap and it makes way more sense to borrow that to draw upon much needed reserves. 
  • The financial sector is seeing a correction in the wake of rising inflation and interest rates, and things are challenging. This means that challenges are still out there, but more discernment is required. 


‘I was there during the late 90’s – the exciting boom times!’ 

‘Day one was my mobile phone, my laptop and big hopes and dreams’ 

‘It’s been a very exciting and delightful journey’ 

‘There are still opportunities. You just have to be a lot more selective’