Per Wimmer

Per Wimmer

Age: 44

Occupation: Danish philanthropist, space advocate, entrepreneur, financier, adventurer, author and future space tourist.

  1. What is your background?

I am an adventurer, global financier, author and philanthropist.
I currently run two companies out of London. “Wimmer Financial”, an investment bank specialised in natural resources, as well as our Family office, which is an asset management company. To have my share of fun I started “Wimmer Space” because my dream is to go to space. I also like to do other extreme sports and activities such as sky diving which I did above the Mount Everest. I also did an attempt to go down to the remains of the Titanic. I always find it very important to have charity involved, the charity should show children to “live out their dreams”.

  1. Tell us about the most exciting and challenging activity / trip you have done so far?

Before going to space, which I obviously find the most exciting one, it was in 2008. I set a world record by doing the first tandem skydive above mount Everest. This was together with Ralph Mitchell. Half a ton of equipment needed to be transported to base camp. We flew for 40 minutes to an altitude of 9000 meters and jumped out with view of the Himalayas. It was -60C outside, we fell down at 117 km an hour,  we did a free fall for 1 minute before opening our parachute. We were in the air for 10-12 minutes before landing.

  1. What made you decide to go on a spaceflight with XCOR/SXC?

As an adventurer and pioneer I want to be the first to go to space as well.
I want to inspire kids with this pioneer position, so children can focus on something cool like science, engineering and so on.

  1. Do you believe that going to space is the next best thing?

I believe that going to space is the ultimate adventure, for me personally it is. 
I am very excited and I cannot wait to go. If I could, I would go tomorrow!

  1. What are your expectations of your future space flight?

For me and my life as an adventurer, the trip is very trilling and it will definitely be a peak in my life. I find it extraordinary and I cannot wait to go. I feel it is like Christmas come early! It is a true journey – way out of earth’s atmosphere – because you are out of your comfort zone, away from your work, your friends and family which is why you will get the chance to start seeing things in a whole different perspective. Your values of life might even change, it is a life changing experience.

  • Which part of the flight do you think is most exciting? (see flight schedule)
    There will be two big highlights. The first will be the take-off with its G-forces and the adrenaline rushing into my body. I’m sure I will be smiling into the cameras on board! The second highlight will be the weightlessness, that sensational feeling will be amazing. And of course to safely return home!.

    b. Which part of the flight do you expect to be the most challenging?
    I think that it will be when we are hitting the maximum G-load.

  1. How long have you been waiting for this moment? (space flight?)

I have waited for 14 years. If I would have known we could fly earlier than 14 years ago, then I would have been waiting for all of my life!

  1. Do you consider yourself being fearless?

I take calculated risks, I always look at the risk profile. Climbing the Mount Everest I found more dangerous since there is a 10% death rate. I think that if you don’t dare to lose sight of the shore you don’t go anywhere. As a pioneer you need to make leap of faith. If you follow your own path and believe in yourself then everything is possible.

  1. Asses the importance of the developing commercial space industry, the challenges and threats as well as the opportunities.

It used to be only for a few in the world to be able to go on a regular plane, now it is no longer for those few. Same as in space, it is great to be part of this group who is able to fly into space.

  1. Why do you want to be the first to go into space commercially?

    Already answered this question before (not relevant)

  2. Would you like to have your spaceflight experience to be remembered as a moment for yourself or share it publically?

I would prefer to share my experience with the world. I feel that it is my duty; early adaptors of private space and first to go into space would be good ambassadors for the program to promote science and space. Especially for schools and kids.