Be Remembered As One Of The First Space Flight Participants From Your Country

By : Mitchell J Schultz

The dawn of civilian space flight is swiftly approaching when space pioneers from around the globe will begin their quest for adventure and take off to the edge of space. Recognition will be given those space travelers from each country giving this opportunity to get on the list especially those from smaller and less well known countries.

This is one of the greatest opportunities for individuals from smaller countries to gain great recognition if they have the foresight, desire, and can afford the cost of space travel. Currently costs range from $95,000 to about $200,000 for a suborbital space flight and only a few companies can virtually assure safety and the thrill of this future experience.

Can you imagine if you were from Romania, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Gibralter, Iran,St Barts, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand or almost any of the less participating countries in space flight. The publicity to be the first space traveler from your native country establishes instant notoriety and press coverage once these flights have taken off and that will be most probably in early 2012.

This is a one time only chance to register as a space participant so that your name may ultimately appear as one of the earliest space pioneers and you could even be listed as a member of the civilian space flight history hall of fame should this come about and you wish to receive this recognition. In addition to the cost, the driving force of adventure, nerve and determination to go for it will get your to regisiter. AS of late 2010 more than 400 adventurrers have registered.

There is still some question on which vehicle will begin to fly private passengers first. This will become more apparent as the summer of 2011 comes to a close as tests will provide unquestionable proof of concept for several space companies vying for dominance with safety always ahead of any schedules. Some adventurers, like Per Wimmer of Denmark, have registered with the two most dominant groups (Virgin Galactic and XCOR) to confirm, not only to have the opportunity to enjoy the different programs, but also to assure himself of being first whichever group begins their flights first.

Over the last few decades NASA has given recognition to those Astronauts with origins from different countries being the first space participants as well as other private pioneers, such as Anousheh Ansari from Iran, Charles Simonyi from Hungarian decent, Richard Garriott of British origin and South African, Mark Shuttleworth all of whom traveled to the international space station on the Russian Soyev space vehicle as part of the earliest private space explorers. Each experience cost between $20mm and $35 Million.

Now is the time for you to do your homework and research space tourism. The best source is wikipedia which can be found through Google. Here is listed the different space tourism groups, their vehicles and progress can be found and is hot linked for additional information.