Per Gets Involved In An Attempt To Break The World Landspeed Record, Black Rock Desert, July 7-9

Decision time for next world record: Per decides to break the current world landspeed record at 763 Mph (Mach 1.01), set in 1997, by Thrust SSC and Richard Noble & Andy Green.

Per is thinking carefully about whether to engage in the effort to break the record or not....
Per decides to go ahead with the attempt to break the landspeed record. Important handshake with co-driver Ed Shadle, Black Rock Desert, July 2009
The quality team of engineers, aerodynamic specialists, jet engine specialists and landspeed enthusiasts
The "Eagle"
Per jumps in the Eagle cockpit for the first time
"What happens if I push that button??,"
"There is no gear shift??,"
Fighter pilot helmet on. "Let's fire up the engine...!"
Per in front of the "Eagle" after successful engine test
Ready to take on the world landspeed record.....!
Black Rock Desert is a very remote location. Precautions must be taken....!
"Eagle" carrying truck