Would you pay 1.7 million SEK ($200 000) for a trip to outer space?

33% of Dagens Nyheter’s readers answered “yes” whereas 67% answered “no.” In spite of the disinterest, three Swedish tourist agencies have been selected to sell trips to outer space, as instructed by Virgin Galactic. Some of Virgin Galactic’s space trips will begin at Kiruna Airport and Esrange, the rocket range and research center near Kiruna. “We applied a month and a half ago,” says Andreas Axelsson at the Malmö-based The Search agency. “And now we will begin marketing and selling the space trips as soon as we can.” 

One of the 30,000 people worldwide who have signed on for the two and a half hour flight into outer space is Dane Per Wimmer. “For my part this is a project that’s been in the making for eight years,” Wimmer says. “And my goal is twofold. First I want to take the trip to outer space, and second I want young people to become more interested in physics.” According to Johanna Bergström-Roos, PR officer at Spaceport Sweden, trips to outer space from Kiruna could begin today. “We have the knowledge and the technology. We need not build anything extra,” she says. Apart from The Search, Icehotel Travel in Jukkasjärvi and Upplevelseakuten in Stockholm have also signed contracts with Virgin Galactic