Per Wimmer on His Way to Space Aboard XCOR's Lynx

Published by Doug Messieron January 29, 2009

Investment Banker Seeks Out of Space Experience

Xcor already has 22 deposit paid passengers, of whom the first will be Danish investment banker Per Wimmer, who recently quit UK stockbroker Collins Stewart to start his own boutique, Wimmer Financial. He has also booked tickets on two other upcoming space trips, one of which is the Virgin Galactic.

Wimmer aims to be the first Dane in space and his dream is to plant the Danish flag on the moon. “I look at it as something I have to do before I die.”
Of Xcor, he said: “Although it will be shorter and quicker than Virgin’s, I will be in the front seat next to the astronaut.”

An Xcor spokesman says there are various reasons why it is able to charge half the price of Virgin, mainly to do with the economical fuelling of the ship, which is powered by liquid oxygen and kerosene rather than solid fuel.