Tickets to Ride to Edge of Space Now Available

BEVERLY HILLS — Are you looking for a new adventure that’s really out of this world? Your ticket to ride into space will soon be within reach.

“XCOR Aerospace”, based in Mojave, California,  announced Tuesday morning that it is selling tickets for its “Lynx” space vehicle that will take passengers from the Mojave desert 37 miles above the Earth and back down again.

Your ticket to ride into orbit will cost $95,000 each. A $20,000 deposit begins the process of assigning the participant to the qualification program. Officials say you don’t have to be an athlete to fly aboard the Lynx, but the procedure will include a medical questionaire and a screening performed by qualified aeronautic physicians. Instruction regarding life support systems, flight physiology, and other aspects of the Lynx suborbital flight will also be provided. “We want to ensure the experience is as safe as possible and that people are adequately prepared,” said Jules Klar, founder of RocketShip Tours, the exclusive general sales agent for XCOR.

Space tourists will receive an HD DVD recording of their flight experience as well as other mementos, according to company officials.

A Danish adventurer is first in line to ride into orbit. Per Wimmer, an investment banker based in London, will be the first passenger aboard Lynx, XCOR’s space tourism vehicle. Wimmer is also an investor in the Mojave, Calif.-based company.

The spaceship, which is roughly the size of a small, private plane, will first take off in 2011 and will be capable of flying several times each day, according to company officials.

“We have designed the vehicle to operate much like a commercial aircraft. Its liquid fuel engines will provide the enhanced safety, durability, reliability and maintainability that keep operating costs low,” according to XCOR CEO Jeff Greason. ‘These engines will also minimize the impact of these flights on the environment,’ Greason added. They are fully reusable, burn cleanly, and release fewer particulates then solid fuel or hybrid rocket motors.”

XCOR test pilot and former Space Shuttle Commander Col Rick Searfoss (USAF-Ret.) says “Lynx will be the Greatest Ride Off Earth. The acceleration, the weightlessness and the view will provide you with an experience that is out of this world. And the best part of it all is you can ride up front, like a co-pilot, instead of in the back like cargo.”

Xcor’s main competitor is building SpaceShipTwo, an eight-seat craft that will take passengers some 62 miles above Earth for $200,000 each.

XCOR says it has already taken paid reservations for approximately 20 flights.