Banker pays $74k to be the first economy space tourist

Most of us wish to travel first class on long flights, few are lucky enough to enjoy company expense accounts that afford these luxuries. So the question then is would you buy three tickets to the same destination at varying prices? Mr. Per Wimmer, who runs investment bank Wimmer Financial, is going to do just that, except his destination is space. He has bought three different space tourist tickets just so that he manages to catch the first flight to space. . Mr. Wimmer has booked with Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures and Xcor to make this historical flight, believing in that age old miserly saying “why buy one when you can buy three for three times the price.”

That’s not all; he is set to be the first economy class space tourist who will pay $74,000 just for half an hour in space. The first space tourist paid an approx $21 million for his flight in 2001; it’s nice to see the economies of scale in action.