NASTAR Center Celebrates Launching Private Space Travelers and Adventure Seekers into Space

June 23, 2008 – Southampton, PA – The National Aerospace Research and Training (NASTAR) center celebrated the completion of the World’s first commercially available Sub-Orbital Space Flight Training Program on Saturday. Several participants, or ‘Adventurers’, from across the globe signed up for the thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience all phases of a blast off into Space.

The 2-day Complete Sub-Orbital Space Flight Training program is part of NASTAR Center’s newly launched Air and Space Adventure Programs ( and is first of its kind ever offered to the public. Greatly appealing to the Commercial Space Travel and Adventure Travel enthusiasts, these unique Space Programs at NASTAR Center go far beyond the brief experiences currently available. Space students actually receive a complete, authentic training program that provides the full G force experience for all phases of Space launch and reentry from the crushing forces of launch to the sensation of reduced gravity at apogee.

The enthusiastic feedback and individual successes added to the already high graduation rate NASTAR Center has shown for all of its trainees, currently at 94%. This completion rate includes the Virgin Galactic Founders, or first 100 private space travelers signed up for a spaceflight in the near future, that were trained at NASTAR Center last winter.

As the Official Space Training Providers to Virgin Galactic, NASTAR Center parallels their Air and Space Adventure programs with Virgin Galactic’s planned Space Flight. The NASTAR Center Space Program centers around technique and training for a Sub-Orbital Space Flight and uniquely replicates the same dynamic properties of SpaceShip2 including the 2-stage flight profile with G forces on launch (3Gz) and ReEntry (6Gx). The end result has been named a ‘top notch’ ‘outstanding, one-of-a-kind adventure’ for people everywhere, across the universe.

Two of the seven trainees had previously taken part in Space programs at NASTAR Center within the last 6 months, including one Virgin Galactic Founder and Future Astronaut, Per Wimmer, CEO of Wimmer Space. Per trained last year at NASTAR Center, and came back a second time because he found it so beneficial. “Knowing what will happen to you before you launch into space is very important. The training that you (NASTAR Center) provides is indispensable as part of any private space flight participation” states Per Wimmer, CEO of Wimmer Space, and Virgin Galactic Founder and Future Astronaut. “This is my second centrifuge session at NASTAR and I’ll be back…!”

Now taking reservations, the 2-day Complete Sub-Orbital Space Training Program is blasting off and in high demand due to its ‘try before you buy’ appeal by many of the future Virgin Galactic astronauts. Consisting of authentic Space training, physiology coursework, and 6 flights in the Space Training Simulator (STS-400), the 2-day program delivers the closest space flight experience available anywhere on Earth. Adventures learn valuable techniques during their course of the program, and leave confident and capable to handle the physiological stresses endured during a space flight.

Other programs such as the Air Combat Challenge Training Program are available as well and involve skills testing and flight instruction on high-G force simulated combat aircraft. Ultimately the Pilot/guest is in control performing aerobatics and high-G maneuvers to target bogeys, deploy missiles, and destroy enemy aircraft over foreign soil. To learn more about any of the Air and Space Adventure Programs, please visit

“The best part of my job is witnessing the instantaneous ear to ear grin and sparkle that ignites behind their eye when our Adventurer’s blasts off into space for the first time”, states Brienna Henwood, Commercial Business Director at NASTAR Center. “The magic is contagious because everyone begins to smile just by watching their face light up.”

Commercial space flight will be made possible in the next few years by companies like Virgin Galactic and XCor, however Space Flight preparation, training and genuine space experiences are available now at the NASTAR Center. If you already have or are considering purchasing a space flight in the future, or just want the fun experience of Space travel while still on the ground, call the NASTAR Center today to sign up for your next adventure and ‘Experience the Force of Flight’!