The book “Powermen” is published

The book “Powermen” is published featuring twelve men and their visions for the future, including private astronaut and CEO of Wimmer Financial, Per Wimmer. The Seven Fundamental Values of Wimmer Space are also included:

  1. Allow yourself to be inspired. Think “out of the box.”
  2. Follow your heart and passion. Have fun. 
  3. Focus and Execution. 
  4. Time discipline: Be conscious about time allocation.
  5. Teamwork: The sum of the parts is greater than the individual parts alone.
  6. Take calculated risks: Assess risks/rewards.
  7. Inspire others, esp. children, and encourage them to live their dreams.
Author Vibeke Hartkorn Interviewing National Handball  Team Coach Ulrik Wilbek And Per Wimmer At The Book Fair, Copenhagen,
“Author Vibeke Hartkorn With Part Of The “Powermen” Team (left to right): Per Wimmer, Vibeke Hartkorn, National Handball Team Coach Ulrik Wilbek, Fighter Henning Daverne.”
Per Wimmer In Front of The Moon
Per Wimmer Powermen Portrait
Signing books