Sky rockets in flight, credit crunch delight

In these times of economic hardship, as travel agencies find they aren’t quite as recession-proof as they thought, it is good to see companies discounting to help consumers looking for a low-cost fare. The latest is XCOR Aerospace which is offering tickets to, um, space for a mere $95,000 (£64,000). For those punters who can’t afford Virgin Galactic’s $200,000 tickets in these hard times, the consumer space race must be a welcome development. Slight problem is that XCOR’s two-seat Lynx spaceship hasn’t been built yet, won’t go into orbit and the entire experience lasts less than 30 minutes. That hasn’t put off Danish banker Per Wimmer, who will be first to be shot almost, but not quite, into the stratosphere some time in 2011. Given some optimistic economists’ predictions, perhaps we will all be able to afford a go by then.